The bepasty software Project


The initial version of the bepasty(-server) software was developed in 48h in the WSGI Wrestle 2013 contest by:

Project site

Source code repository, issue tracker (bugs, ideas about enhancements, todo, feedback, …), link to documentation is all there:


Feedback is welcome.

If you find some issue, have some idea or some patch, please submit them via the issue tracker.

Or even better: if you use git, fork our repo, make your changes and submit a pull request.

For small fixes, you can even just edit the files on github (github will then fork, change and submit a pull request automatically).


# Create a new virtualenv
virtualenv bepasty-server-env
# Activate the virtualenv
source bepasty-server-env/bin/activate
# Clone the official bepasty-server (or your fork, if you want to send PULL requests)
git clone
cd bepasty-server
# This will use the current directory for the installed package.
# Very useful during development! It will also autoreload when files are changed
pip install -e .
# Run the bepasty-server in debug mode. The server is reachable in
bepasty-server --debug